Allowing comments on the church site


In my post last week of “Tim Tebow and lost opportunities for the local church” I said I had some ideas for some changes in my own church’s web ministry. The first change I’m considering is to open up comments on the church’s site.  Given that I’m now using WordPress, this becomes much easier than it would have in the past.  However, in my current template design I have removed the comment links since I was intending to use WordPress as a CMS – though adding them back in will not be hard.

Allowing comments probably seems like an automatic to some, but its actually a challenging step. I’ve not run into any church sites lately that have any sort of comments allowed on them.  I’m sure there probably are some, but I’ve not seen any.  I suspect that we’re a bit too over controlling and worried about having to police it.  However, I believe that we need to take that risk (and the required effort) to allow our sites to be used by the Lord to positively affect others.  Have you ever prayed for your web site?  Have you ever considered how the Lord wants it to be used as an outreach ministry other than as an event calendar?  I’m not thinking that just because we open up commenting that a huge new community will suddenly develop.  But I am thinking, that its a start – a start in a direction with some very interesting possibilities.


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