Protecting your WordPress admin areas


Just in case you are not aware of the things you can do to protect your WordPress admin areas I highly recommend you take a look over at Smashing Magazine’s article “10 Steps To Protect The Admin Area in WordPress”. While I’ve not done some of the more aggressive suggestions I’m very pleased that the WordPress developers have made 2.7 so much easier to keep up to date.  That can go a long way plus I no longer have to wait for Fantastico to update their installations on my host.

From this article I was also pleased to run into some lockout plugins.  I had thought about the lack of brute force blocking being a problem, but I had not gone so far as to look for a solution.  Now, the solution has found me.  One of these plugins coupled with a strong password will stop many attacks.  If you’re not familiar with what strong passwords are, take a look at RIT’s “How to Choose a Secure Password” (PDF link).

Make sure you read the comments on the post.  There’s some good information about both the post itself and other aspects of WordPress security that might be relavant to you situation.


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