Copyright law and how it applies to churches


I’m afraid that many are not going to want to hear what is in the post “Copyright Law…Answers from an expert” over at North Point Music.  It is a interview of a copyright attorney lead by a pastor.  It has good, clear information about what the current law is regarding many practices we take for granted within the church.  This is a must “listen” (its an audio post) for anyone involved with technology in church ministries.

Summary: if you have not paid for a license to do what you’re doing then you probably should not be doing it. There are some exceptions, but not many.


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  1. Copyright’s “fair use” within the church « Web Ministry Thoughts Says:

    […] Copyright’s “fair use” within the church By Daniel Pedersen Church Marketing Sucks has Richard Byrd as a guest blogger writing about fair use rules for copyright as it applies to churches.  So far the first of three posts is up and I like how its being considered.  I’m looking forward to the rest of the posts.  This is an area I think we all need to become better versed in and nicely complements my earlier post on copyright law and how it applies to churches. […]

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