How are you recording sermons for the web?


I’m looking for some help.  Over the last several years we’ve been trying to double-up the projector PC as also being the recording station.  Our online sermons  are growing in their use but we’ve had a few problems.  On occasion, but usually an important occasion, we don’t get the file saved properly or we don’t get the right feed from the board (any no one notices) so we record nothing.  After some discussions, I’ve been given permission to do something different.

I see two primary solutions: 1) put a new PC in place dedicated to recording, or 2) find a device that better integrates into the board – something like a stand-alone, solid state, field recorder.  I’m ruling the first option out as I don’t want another PC in the sanctuary.  So that leaves option 2.  My leading candidate is a Zoom H2 from Samson.  It is portable, has a line input (can connect to the board), built-in mics for small groups, and not too expensive.

I’m wondering what others are using to record their services.


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