How do church sites promote the goodness of God?


I have an RSS feed from Twitter that monitors the use of the word ‘church’.  I periodically review it to see if I find anything interesting.  Mostly it is boring “I’m going to church now” type things.  A while back I ran across this one:

This caught me a bit off guard.  How does a site promote God’s goodness? I’m not sure I can answer that question, but I think it is found in the spirit of the communications of the site; the sermons, the event announcements, etc.  Is there a theme coming from the content of the site, from the photos, the videos? Is the site a place to build and edify a community?

Any thoughts about how we should be promoting God’s goodness through our sites?


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2 Responses to “How do church sites promote the goodness of God?”

  1. soonguy Says:

    Interesting question. Certainly many church websites are just brochureware – portraying themselves as primarily a building where meetings are held. And are not designed with non-Christians in mind anyway. A site which will hopefully engage with non-Christians should be welcoming, non-condemnatory, and portray the church as a family of people ready to welcome newcomers, whoever they are. That would be the fragrance of Christ in 2 Cor., which I think is the same as expressing the goodness of God?

    At Internet Evangelism Day, we’ve produced a church site self-assessment tool at
    which I hope will help churches consider these questions.



  2. Daniel Pedersen Says:

    Your assessment tool asks some excellent questions. I’m going to be making some modifications to our site because of it. Thanks for your comment.

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