Reflecting on six months of blogging


It has been six months since I started writing this blog.  I have discovered a number of things that have surprised me since I start writing.

Writing is hard work

This certainly isn’t a surprise to most, and I’ve done enough in my career to have already know this.  But still, the commitment necessary to write thoughtful content is large.  I didn’t expect to write every day, but I was hoping to write at least once or twice a week.  I started doing the bi-weekly “interesting church tech links” just to force me to keep doing something related to this effort in general.  When you only have a fairly limited amount of time to write it is harder still when you throw out posts after days and weeks of writing.  For someone who is not 0verly prolific in writing in the first place, this really cuts into the few posts that do come out.

Things have changed

Originally, I was dissatisfied with Christian web-tech related writing.  I think to some degree I was not looking in the right places.  However, I also think the quality of the content (at least that I’m interested in) has blossomed immensely in the last 9-12 months.  Sites like,, and are providing quality and thought provoking writing of the likes I’ve not seen previously.  But, I do see some value writing here.  In my area, the largest church is around is only 1500 members and mine is only 150.  We don’t have the resources of the mega-chruches, but we have some of the same vision.  I think there are things to be learned but also be tuned for our smaller communities.

Topics of choice

I’d not intended for this to be a WordPress blog, or a copyright blog.  But it would seem the first six months have had a number of posts related to those topics.  Those posts have correlated with some recent personal efforts and interests.  I am pleased that my analysis of playing CD’s at a church service seems to be helping people (though I can only derive it from the hits, not the comments).

Thank you

“Thank you” to those of you who have stopped by to read my posts and who have occasionally commented.  While this hasn’t gone exactly as I’d intended, I don’t think this effort has been wasted.  I am considering starting a second blog that’s a bit more general to my life but I do wish to continue writing here.  This “web ministry” is a growing part of my life and I look forward to writing about this topic more and the upcoming improvements in my church’s web related outreach efforts.


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