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Adwords and Blogging for Churches

March 28, 2009

Paul Steinbrueck recently wrote “Why AdWords IS Worthwhile for Churches” over at It nicely pulls together things I’ve been talking about and trying to encourage my church to do:

Adwords costs real money, but if used as part of a larger strategy I think it can serve as a cost effective tool.  Blogging is also important as it is “moving content” for better search engine indexing and provides more information about the chruch than a simple list of events ever could.


Tim Tebow and lost opportunities for the local church

January 16, 2009

In Tim Tebow, John 3:16, and the local church Frank Johnson wonders about a lost opportunity for local churches to have capitalized on a bump in the search engine traffic on John 3:16.  His thoughts painfully forced me to admit that I failed to see that opportunity.  It also makes me wonder what others I should be seeing but have not.

However, I do not believe this opportunity is completely lost.  A quick Google search still shows no local hits for John 3:16 in my area and its not very expensive to get into it.  Someone will likely do something like this again and we may well see another bump.  Will it be as large?  Probably not.  But are you going to let an opportunity like this pass by a second time?  I don’t like operating in such a reactionary fashion, but I think there’s real potential here that we should be carefully considering.

Part of what bothered me about this post was that I think it points out that we, as stewards of church web minitries, are often not making the most effective use of this medium.  I have a few plans for changes in my own church’s web ministry that I’ll be writing about shortly.  Some of these changes are likely going to challenge me but hopefully they will encourage you in a way as to extend the reach and relevancy of your own web ministry.  I’ll also be interested in any changes you might be thinking about to grow your ministry.