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Finalizing Church Projection Team Content Before the Service

May 29, 2009

I’m curious about other church’s practices for when content/info is given to their multimedia team (or that guy in the back who runs the PC hooked up to the projector).  We’re considering some changes in the practices and some of what we can and cannot do depends on others’ ability to deliver that content.  E.g.:

  • when the pastor submits his sermon notes
  • any last minute changes to the announcements scroll
  • last minute notifications of DVD’s being played
  • when the worship leader finalizes the song list

Most of our content is delivered at the last minute (and I mean 5-10 minutes before the service start). We’re finding that the last minute nature of everything does not allow for failures to be managed gracefully.  I’m looking to freeze changes to the projection team sometime before the start of service.  How do others manage this situation?


Adwords and Blogging for Churches

March 28, 2009

Paul Steinbrueck recently wrote “Why AdWords IS Worthwhile for Churches” over at It nicely pulls together things I’ve been talking about and trying to encourage my church to do:

Adwords costs real money, but if used as part of a larger strategy I think it can serve as a cost effective tool.  Blogging is also important as it is “moving content” for better search engine indexing and provides more information about the chruch than a simple list of events ever could.

Filtering Post Content

January 10, 2009

Every now and again I run across information that really shouldn’t be put on the web.  Typically, there are references to missionaries in a sensitive areas – people and places that shouldn’t end up co-located in a search engine.  When the reference is in text it becomes my job to remove the reference (often having to rewrite the content to make it work with the reference removed).  When the reference is part of an audio recording I’ll typically not put the audio online (its a fair amount of work to parse through an audio clip and either chop out or blank over the sensitive information).  We don’t have a specific policy on this, yet.  I’m wondering if anyone else is thinking about this and what you might be doing about it.