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Adwords and Blogging for Churches

March 28, 2009

Paul Steinbrueck recently wrote “Why AdWords IS Worthwhile for Churches” over at It nicely pulls together things I’ve been talking about and trying to encourage my church to do:

Adwords costs real money, but if used as part of a larger strategy I think it can serve as a cost effective tool.  Blogging is also important as it is “moving content” for better search engine indexing and provides more information about the chruch than a simple list of events ever could.


Real thinking about church site design is going on

January 21, 2009

In my wonderings around the web these days I’ve been noticing that there seems to be a great deal of real thinking going on about church site design.  I’m really glad to see it.  Articles like “The Role of Design in Modern Church Marketing” by Darren Hoyt show much of the challenge that we face when doing church designs.  It was fun for me to see a picture of Stonebriar Community Church on page 2.  Stonebriar was a site I took note of a number of months ago when was surfing church sites.

We need to be thinking very carefully about our sites.