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More “interesting” content: Youth Pastor Blog

March 13, 2009

Our church has a growing youth focus and we were recently able to bring on a part time youth pastor to oversee and develop the youth programs.  This is exciting as he has a huge heart for the kids and has some great ideas.  I think that just like having a senior pastor blog it is also valuable to have a youth pastor blog.

A Youth Pastor Blog

Like the senior pastor blog, a youth pastor blog creates the opportunity for new attenders to gain some insight into who it is that’s teaching their kids and what topics are important to him.  Also, like for the senior pastor, a blog provides a platform to extend and discuss Sunday’s (or Friday’s) youth sermon.

Using technology to our advantage

A youth pastor has some very unique opportunities these days.  Technology and social media is allowing us to see into areas we once had difficulty.  Consider a youth pastor who has “friended” his youth charges.  He’s going to get an opportunity to peer into areas he might not have been able to see before.  With that opportunity, he can offer affirmation or gentle correction as he see the need. Maybe, he doesn’t even do that.  Maybe he instead crafts a message for another time that might subtly address something he observed.

Further, through these technologies he gets an opportunity to provide a model of Christ-like behavior.  His charges will see how he interacts with others, what kinds of things he’s posting or watching. Much will be learned from these situations as well as potentially creating opportunities to discuss all sorts of topics that might not have been approachable before.

In our specific situation, our youth pastor organizes mission trips – the latest going into Mexico.  If he were to write about his experiences he will have a powerful platform to showcase needs, ideas, people and the love of God.

I’m looking forward to a few months from now when we can get both pastors writing, and maybe even using Twitter.


Technology is meaningless

February 15, 2009

Last week was a hard week for me.  The Lord took a hold of my career and pointed it in a different direction on Tuesday.  Thankfully, I didn’t lose my job, but pretty much everything I’ve built for the last seven years is something to get out of within my new organization, not something to continue and grow.  It is a business decision, and while I may disagree with it, it is not my decision specifically to make. But, as I was doing my impression of Jacob wrestling with God this week He reminded me of two things that He shows me all the time that I keep forgetting:

  1. He is taking care of me and my family – I have lost count of the times I can directly see His hand in my life but for some reason I need to be reminded of it all the time.
  2. Technology is meaningless – Technology is a tool, it always changes, and always fails eventually. To invest one’s life in technology of any kind is vanity.

I was reminded of the saying: the two only things that last forever are the Word of God and the souls of men (never been able to find a definitive reference for that saying).  If I’m to invest in something, regardless of how, it should be those two things. For us who are working in His ministry using technology we (should) understand this – we are using technology, ostensibly, for His purposes.  It doesn’t matter what CMS/Blog Engine we’re using, or if (or not) we’re using Twitter, Facebook, PHP, Java, Ruby… none of this matters.  The only thing that matters is where you are with God and what you are doing to follow His direction for your life.  If you’re using technology in your ministry, great!  But don’t lose the focus that what we’re doing with our ministries and our technologies should be showing people Christ’s love and their need for Him or encouraging the faith of of our brothers and sisters.

Technology, in and of itself, is meaningless.  Use technology, learn technology, but don’t invest your life in technology.  Invest your life in the only thing that will last – Jesus Christ.